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Impacted Communities


Kisese Village, Manyara Region – August 2023

Water Project Type: Borehole #3

Location: Kisese, TZ 

Drilling Co: Rafiki Drilling and Services 

Impact: About 250 people 

Donor/Community Funded: Donated Well 

Donors: Rafiki Outreach 

Water Analysis: Passed on all accounts. Minerals and Fluoride levels all safe 


Community Development Improvement: The community no longer must drink the alkaline water from their ground water well or drink the contaminated and alkaline water from Lake Manyara. The borehole well is close to the village but further from the lake, allowing for safer access to water as they are further from the hippos and hyenas who live and roam the lake’s shore.

Kisese Village, Manyara Region – May 2023

Water Project Type: Borehole #2

Location: Kisese Village (SW Lake Manyara), TZ 

Drilling Co: Rafiki Drilling and Services 

Impact: 1,000+ people 

Donor/Community Funded: Donated well. 

Donors: Ricks Family and Bybee Family 

Water Analysis: Clean of all contaminants and mineral levels are within safe limits.

Community Development Improvement: This community previously gathered their drinking water from the nearby river which had a great runoff during the rainy season. 6 months of the year the water in the river slowed and dried up. People gathered water from the river by digging down into the mud to find and retrieve dirty water. Now that there is a well here, the community has been charging a small amount of money when villagers fill up their water canteens. They have saved enough money to have an electrical transformer installed in the village so that slowly, each house can bring electricity to their homes. Previous to the well being dug, only one home had access to electricity.

Oldonyosambu Village, Monduli - Arusha Region – Jul./Aug. 2023

Water Project Type:  Water Storage Project

Location: Oldonyosamu Village, Monduli - Arusha, TZ 

Drilling Co: Rafiki Outreach Volunteers and Rafiki Drilling and Services 

Impact: 2,000+ people 

Donor/Community Funded: Donated Supplies and Labor 

Donors: Rafiki Outreach + Expedition Volunteers 

Water Analysis: For now, rainwater is much safer drinking water alternative than the mountain water which is piped into the village. 


Community Development Improvement: The mountain water and water table in Oldonyosambu is high in fluoride. The fluoride count ranges from 17-20x the safe amount of 0.7-1.5 mg/L. Because of high fluoride, those susceptible to bone disease have deterioration of their bones and deformation of their teeth and overall bone structure. Rafiki Outreach is trying to help the community improve their rain water storage solutions until an adequate filtration system can be installed and incorporated into their community.

I Am a Child of God PreSchool, Arusha Region – May 2023

Water Project Type: A Well

Location: Arusha, TZ 

Drilling Co: Amalpha Drilling TZ 

Impact: 50+ Preschoolers 

Donor/Community Funded: Donated Well 

Donors: ROAM Humanitarian 

Water Analysis: Passed on all accounts except for fluoride. The fluoride count was 2.58 mg/L instead of the recommended 1.50 mg/L. Government approval was still granted. 

Flow: 400 L/hr. 

How Does This Well Help with Community Development?:

Maweni Village, Manyara Region – July 2023

Water Project Type: Borehole

Location: Maweni, Manyara Region, TZ 

Drilling Co: Rafiki Drilling and Services and Amalpha Drilling 

Impact: 1,250+ people 

Donor/Community Funded: Donated well. 

Donors: Money Insights Group + Rafiki (for Jan-Feb drilling). Maynes family + Rafiki (Cost of Amalpha drilling) 

Water Analysis: The water is clear and clean.  


Community Development Improvement: This well will improve the overall health of the community as they no longer must drink the dirty pond water. The community is also saving time by not traveling further distances to find safe drinking water. The water from the well is being used in the dry season to grow more crops. People from surrounding communities are also using the well. NOTE: We drilled here 3 times. The first time in January of 2023 the Rafiki Drilling and Services team hit an empty cavity. The second dig in February of 2023 hit water but it was not a sufficient supply. In July we sent Amalpha Drilling Ltd. TZ to drill with a stronger machine that could pass through the hard rock. This time it was successful! The community and village leader were overjoyed with the success of the 3rd drilling attempt.

Mipotopoto Village, Nyasa - Ruvuma Region – August 2023

Water Project Type: Borehole

Location: Mipotopoto, Nyasa - Ruvuma Region, TZ 

Drilling Co: Rafiki Drilling and Services and Amalpha Drilling 

Impact: 568 pupils

Donor/Community Funded: Donated well. 


Water Analysis: 


These women are the most vulnerable .. Women fetch water daily for the pupils to use at Mipotopoto Primary school with over 568 children/Pupils. Women were happy when Fr. Erasto Matembo visited them for a discussion on how to get water in the village. August 25th 2023. Friday.

A Joy School - Mafinga, Iringa Region – October 2023

Water Project Type:  Borehole

Location: A Joy School, Mafinga - Iringa, TZ 

Drilling Co: Kitosi Drilling Co.


Donor/Community Funded: 


Water Analysis: 

Flow:  5000 L/2hrs

Community Development Improvement:

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